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February 21, 2007


Reagan Fan

You lot just don't get it do you? Offence can be fair comment, especially when targetted at your type. Gratuitous offence, unearned rancour, that's what decent people oppose. Iain Dale has done nothing to contradict that position. Grow up.

Iain Dale

Labour Humanist should get a life. You decide.

The Labour Humanist

Haha, Dale, case proven.


You started it by calling Guido a Tory tosser in your post. Anyway the comment you deleted said that you "seemed like a cretin" meaning that you were displaying low intelligence. Is that kind of "abuse" so painful for you? I don't know why you are surprised that attacking the two most popular British political bloggers leads to blowback.

The Labour Humanist

reaganfan - "useful idiot"

praguetory - thanks for the laugh, I thought you were an internet troll when in fact you are the white knight of the blogosphere rushing in to defend the honour of a character like paul staines. Keep posting the comments because they are only making my argument for me.


Don't listen to Dominic Fisher. His comment sections are well pruned.


Is Iain Dale a hypocrite?

He's a Tory, so yes, totally - they all are.

Reagan Fan

LOL! Me a useful idiot? Do you even know what that means?

"In political jargon, the term "useful idiot" was used during the Cold War by certain anticommunists to describe communists in western countries (particularly in the United States). The implication of the insult was that the communist in question was naïve, and that he or she was being cynically used by the Soviet Union, thus unwittingly betraying his or her home country."


So how exactly am I a useful idiot as opposed to someone who just sees you for what you are?

The Labour Humanist

reganfan - that you don't understand is fine with me. The original point stands.

Reagan Fan

The original point only stands in your mind, and I'm sure you thought it jolly clever to bandy about a term which sounds well-informed and intelligent but is entirely wrong in the context, but to everyone else it looks like Heather Mills-McCartney on a ski-slope - i.e. precariously unstable.


Reagan Fan : the term - amongst the politically seasoned - is used to describe someone who is willing to stand up for something without a full understanding of the facts.

I'd say that pretty much encompasses you.

I'm a Tory, but I find the likes of Dale and Staines very distasteful.

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