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February 01, 2007


Harry Barnes

Sorry I did not make it, so I finished reading Dawkins' "The God Delusion" instead. Found it a big disappointed, so I posted "A Disservice to Atheism" today - 1st Feb.


Good on you, and I'm glad to see a humanist group starting up in Westminster.

Humanism and socialism should go hand in hand.


Humanism being closely related to atheism and agnosticism, should not trade under a political persuasion.

Unlike fundamental right wing Christians, those of Humanist persuasion should feel entirely free to debate the merits of Conservative or Labour policies.

As an atheist who usually votes conservative I feel annoyed by 'Labour Humanist' and 'Conservative Christians'. Politics is politics and religion or lack thereof is another thing altogether.

(I get equally angry with the right wing press constantly banging religion down my throat!)

The Labour Humanist

Hello BP
Not sure what your main point is here. In this specific case we are talking about people who support the Labour Party who are ALSO humanist/atheist. Nobody is saying humanists should automatically be left wing - check out the tory humanist links on the right hand column. You say religion is seperate from politics, and ideally it should be, however, we are going through a period of change where religion is pursuing an aggresive strategy of involving itself in all levels of politics. That's the reality and we would be complacent to ignore it.


Apologies if I am little confused, and I can sympathise that on some level it is necessary to take all practical approaches to combat a religious movement within politics. However I feel that a bipartisan approach will in the long run be more affective.

What I’m trying to say is that your position over whether an unelected (religious) body should have influence over the democratic process is a fundamental principal which need not side with legitimate debate to the left or right of the centre ground of politics.

Do you not feel that having a tory humanist society and labour humanist society divides the pack / confuses the real issue.


just wanted to say thanks for mentionning my blog.

Where were you sitting in the room?

I am ashamed to say i was one of the 2 women who turned up a tad late; we sat at the back, sitting right behind Hanna, from the BHA (the last person to talk).

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