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February 20, 2007


Guido Fawkes

Could it be because Guido is talking up Miliband's prospects?


Are you putting your hat in the ring for Labour's most humourless control freak?


Are you putting your hat in the ring for Labour's most humourless control freak?

The Labour Humanist

Praguetory - oh look here come the tory trolls with their rapier wit and repartee


The reason is that Miliband's blog is hosted on a government website. Because of that, he's attempted to provide a balanced set of links. If he wants to make party political points or have a party political blogroll, he should set up a private blog.

Top link in the update, btw.

Essex Boy

leaving a mere 3 links to Labour supporting sites.

Perhaps Rats, Ships and Sinking come to mind.

Henry Whitmarsh

Surely the question is why the taxpayer is funding Miliband's blog at all. If they weren't he could choose his own links.

Drew SW London

Since this alleged blog of Miliband's is paid for by the taxpayers (not the Labour Party), I'd have thought a distribution of links to political blogs in line with The Guardian ICM poll today would be reasonable - and would give the Left erm.. 2.5 out of eight (31%).

Move along now, no scandal to see here...


If you knew about blogging then you'd realise that people put links to blogs they think are interesting. They don't necessarily agree with them, but they probably read them occasionally. Look at Iain Dale's which you clearly have read) he has a list of Labour blogs, as well as blogs by Labour MPs and peers, despite the lower presence of the left in general in political blogs in the UK.

So why do you think Milliband has no link here?

Reagan Fan

You lot are priceless, Iain accuses you of behaving like children so, you spit the dummy again! LOL! Carry on...


You'd be disappointed if I didn't turn up. News in brief - "Labour blogger attacks Tory trolls who attack the said Labour blogger for attacking another Labour blogger who links to Tory bloggers who attack Labour blogs"

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