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March 01, 2007



Yah, great. But what exactly is the 'religious right'? Does it have any defining characteristics other than say a belief in the Almighty and a few political positions you disagree with or is it more complex than that?

The Labour Humanist

maria - have a good root round this site


Look, Labour Humanist, I've seen all this stuff before. I've read all the sneering hoighty-toighty scare stories in the press but it never adds up to much more than a clumsy stereotype.

I asked you what this religious right phenomenon is and whether it has any defining characteristics and you haven't answered. Given that this terrifying bogey-man is the target of your blog you ought to be able to do better than that. And no, that doesn't mean linking indiscriminately to any website with a list of politicians and their voting records on social issues.

The Labour Humanist

It's all a bit beyond you this one isn't it?

Yeah "Linking indiscriminately" to the web site of someone who has researched and written books on the subject...how slack of me.

Yeah, that's right there's no such thing as an organised religious right. Let me guess evolution is "just a theory" and the earth is actually only 6,000 years old?


Oh dear! Your last comment shows what an intellectual pickle you're in. You really do hold crudely unsophisticated views of believers. You really do lump them together into one indifferentiated homogenous blob. And your views really are fed by the more excitable kind of website, such as the dire example you mentioned.
I say in passing that if you want to do this humanism shtick at all well you should at least be a bit discriminating about your sources. You should avoid sensationalist websites and airport paperbacks with gold embossed front covers. They tend not to be reliable or thoughtful.
Now back to the matter at hand. Can you give a cogent analysis of the 'religious right'?

The Labour Humanist

Maria, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I am not personally responsible for your political education.

Right wing commentators are debating the "problem" of the religious right...check this link...read...and then come back and apologise...or do you have some special insight that the rest of the whole world can't see?



This post deleted, this poster banned for now.

Turnining into a bit of a troll now, posting low level childish abuse and starting to play the man not the ball.

We've got some standards on here you know.

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