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April 06, 2007


Martin Bentley

Isn't there some old witchcraft law still on the books we can dig up to prosecute her on?

The case being that if this, and say for example the Christian Faith are to be taken seriously then we should burn her at the stake. Not that I'm advocating burning witches.... well OK maybe Thatcher can get her toes singed a little.


As for helping the police, they need all the help they can get, once a football match comes up in my town the police are gone, you can steal rob and kill, and all you get when you phone them is the words we do not have an officer available at the moment, nope they are all off watching the game.

So if she can help perhaps they can put us through to her. After all she might know more then a copper watching football .

Steve Priestley

If she's the "real deal" why doesnt she take the The James Randi Educational Foundation million dollar challenge. Even if she doesnt need the money she can give it to charity and also be famous around the world! she can even design her own test! what a con artist

Dave Loughran

I wanted to believe it but it was all too happy for me.. someone who can see dark things by holding someones hand like she did wouldn't be so smiley and bubbly! Infact damn scared and afraid to leave the house.... The Green Mile Being the perfect example!!

Maybe they should test her again properly in public.. but then Derren Brown fools the public too!!

If she is real, she would be like the next christ and help millions, not just the few actors and celebs and the program trying to promote something.. ie... Toploader guitarist - Travel program... Singer (who shamed her "ex" on national TV) - Album release... Skateboarder - Skateboard park.

Its all a bit suss for my liking!!



What a load of utter drivel you sceptics come out with ... can't you just believe that there really might be something out there after death, or is it just fear that makes you this way????!!! We might as well be back in the dark ages where witches were tried and murdered for their beliefs when most of them were just trying to help people.

And this "Dave Loughran" - trying to get a bit of publicity for your music? Maybe you should try her out for yourself as you are "famous"??!!

The Labour Humanist

"something out there" (calls cost £1.50 per minute. Evidence not supplied)

helen williams

Before anyone starts to make comments about Sally Morgan maybe they should stop and think that she is not doing anyone any harm. And if it helps someone feel better who's suffered a loss of a loved one it can only be a good thing. My family had suffered a terrible loss of someone very young in our family and beliving in mediums has helped with the pain of losing them.

harry barnes

hello sally im writing to you about my nan margie she lost her mum a few years ago and she needs your help as she is really sad and she isnt the same she had cancer my nan and she has got a lot of worries and needs to here from my great nan also called margie please help sally i need my nan back please help my lovley nan xxxxxxx

Gee Holt

To test if Sally is the real deal...then she needs to meet me! If she could highlight just one thing going on with me then..she is the deal...otherwise....

Harry Barnes

Harry Barnes: to distinquish us from one another I might have to revert to my proper name of Harold Barnes.

Holly Bulger

I think its quite funny that you can judge someone without even meeting them. Sally doesn't just make her tv show showing her readings with celebrities before this she did work with 'normal' people if she wasn't good at what she does why would she be doing so well!?. And i think you are all pathetic who are talking about witches and burning people. Let people believe what they want too. Its not hurting anyone.

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