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May 29, 2007


Alan Rogers

I have just read the item on Anthony Bailey. I smell conspiracy.
Tony Blair : Crypto Catholic : P.M.
Anthony Bailey: SMCOG : Fund Raiser ?
Ruth Kelly : Opus Dei : Cabinet member
John Reid : Catholic : Cabinet Member
Hazel Blears: Catholic? :Chair PLP Cab Mem.
Lord Adonis : ? : (who elected him?)
Does anyone have a list of the religious affiliation of Cabinet members and No. 10 functionaries?

The Labour Humanist

Alan - I would expect any Labour govt past, present or future to have members from diverse belief backgrounds. I would also expect that policy is decided on high principal and evidence of effectiveness. I don't care about anyone's life stance, I only care about the policies they pursue.

As a Labour Party member I still say my main concern about this story is the ethical problems raised by having the same person dicussing policy and fundraising with faith groups. People should donate to Labour cos they support our goals not because they've been promised a little faith policy initiative.

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