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September 25, 2007



Hear hear! Excellent stuff.

Any list of left-wing blogs which doesn't include yours is obviously wildly off course.

-Richard (No 75 fo no discernable reason)

Mike Ion

I do rather resent be defined and categorised by a Tory!

On a more serious note I am concerned that Conservativehome are highlighting a video by the Christian Institute - click on the link below for more details.


The Labour Humanist


I don't understand, have we categorised you as a tory...it's a slanderous thing to be sure....but i can't see where?!



Thanks for recommending my blog - just the kind of boost that every (relatively) new blogger needs. As a by-product, I've discovered your blog - which is now added to my blogroll. Keep up the excellent work.

Mike Ion

'Let's say a big no to tory bloggers placing themselves as the arbiters of what makes a good left wing blog shall we!'

Apologies for the confusion - my comment related to the statement above.

The Labour Humanist

Hi, just my jaded swipe at iain dale's self appointed (money-making) ranking of political discussion on the web.

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