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September 28, 2007



While I'm curious to know more about the "valuable qualities in their service which are rare elsewhere", I think you're pushing this a bit too far.
I'd much rather we (continue to) ridicule those who claim offence on the behalf of a particular section of society (generally a religious group) rather than try to claim that 'right' for humanists/secularists, who should all be far too sensible to fall for that kind of drivel. I must say: the idea that a politician owes me an apology strikes me as silly.

The Labour Humanist

B4L - hi, accept the general point that groups in society pro-actively looking for something to be insulted over isn't a good thing.

If this came from a tory, the commentariat, a member of a church etc i would disagree, maybe debate, but wouldn't feel any slight what so ever. However, Timms holds a privileged position in my party and I expect better, a hell of a lot better. In a world where senior politicians are oh so careful with their languauge, Timms words are carefully calibrated. He doesn't need to grovel BTW! ;-) He just needs to make it very clear that voluntary work from all citizens is of equal value. If if he can't do so, I do feel stronly he will have to publicly back down.

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