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October 01, 2007


The Morningstar

While my Conservative party membership is going to lapse any day soon, I am an atheist and blogger from the right. I will happily argue with any policy from across the political spectrum that seeks to push religion on people.

The Labour Humanist


hi, perhaps i could add you to a (disgruntled) conservative humanist blogs??

do you know of any other right of centre atheist bloggers in the uk??

The Morningstar

If I find any I'll send them your way, plus I'll post on my blog linking to this page.

The Labour Humanist


Matt W

Are there any among the humanist affiliated Conservative politicians - the BHA is claiming about a dozen iirc. No idea whether any are bloggers.

Jeff Peel

Your comments are well made. However, we have now created a new Conservative Humanist blog www.conservativehumanists.org.uk that will hopefully become a more permanent site. We are hopeful that as soon as we are 'official' within the Conservative Party (shouldn't be too long according to recent correspondence from the Party Chairman) the site will get a lot more content. We are also affiliated with the BHA.

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